why choose a tag and title company?

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Why Choose a Tag and Title Company?

Let’s first begin by answering the question: ‘What is a tag and title company?”

A tag and title company is a private office licensed and trained to operate as an extension of the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) to provide services such as vehicle registration, titles, official records, etc, on behalf of the MVA in the state of Maryland.

Why are tag and title companies becoming more popular?

1. People want to save time. MVA offices have a reputation for long lines and slow services. Customers pick a number and wait (sometimes for hours) for their numbers to be called. 

Most people do not have the luxury of taking a day off work just to take care of vehicle registration needs. 

Tag and Title agencies attend to their clients promptly, and they are usually done within a few minutes. In fact, many tag and title clients are able to complete their transactions during their lunch breaks and still have enough time to enjoy their meal. Many people are choosing tag and title companies because they can be in and out in minutes.

2. Convenience is another reason why people choose tag and title offices instead of the MVA. Most tag and title offices have flexible and extended hours. Additionally, tag and title agencies typically open on government holidays (call your agent to confirm hours) and they are conveniently located in your neighborhood. It is hard to place a price tag on convenience.

3. Because tag and title companies are privately owned, the customer service you receive is outstanding. They are always glad to see you. The agents are very friendly and courteous, and may even remember your name from the previous visits.

4. Tag and title agencies are full-service offices like the MVA, and they provide the same supplies instantly, such as hard tags, registration cards, stickers, etc.

5. Tag and title offices usually provide additional services such as notary public, faxing, printing, and copying. These services can help facilitate your vehicle registration and titling needs.

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